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I provide a loving, tailored approach to all of my sessions and services, and will make every effort to put myself in your shoes. This usually happens naturally for me through my ability to receive visions (Clairvoyance), feel your physical, emotional or mental state (Empathic, Clairsentience, Medical Intuitive), and receive direct auditory messages from Spirit Guides


I have been a Psychic Medium since birth - just like my mother, my grandmother, and my great-grandmother. For over 35 years I've been many people's go-to psychic counsellor, I have prevented people from making huge mistakes they never saw coming
I have had much life experience, and much learning from practitioners, to Medicine men and women, to spirit guides counselling me. I am a teacher and a helper. I honestly try to help everyone who comes to me, but I expect an equal energy exchange.
My readings are insightful and help you to find the answers you need whether it's romance, finance, work or other relationships

Our store

Our store is located in Vancouver, Canada, Our products range from Meditation supplies, Spiritual Jewelry, Hand-crafted Soaps, Candles, & More.
Every product is personally blessed by Me & My Daughter using our spiritual gifts passed down from generation to generation

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