House Clearing & Property Blessings

House Clearing & Property blessings

What is a House Clearing?

Is there a general sense of unease & unhappiness in your home?Are there individuals in your home that are experiencing unexplainedphenomena that is affecting their mood, behaviour, sleep cycle, comfortlevel in certain rooms, or more? Are you moving into a new space andwant to make sure you are starting with a clean slate - energy-wise?

If that is the case, then as a Professional Psychic Medium I do provide a service for "House Clearing & Blessings".

What other Establishments do I provide Clearing & Blessings for?
I have provided House Clearing & Blessing services for other buildings or places in the past. Some of which include:

  • Home & Office
  • Assisted Living & Retirement Centers
  • Plots of land (even pre-development)
    And more

Is a House & Property blessing Right for me?

When the energy in your home or office becomes stagnant or dull you may even start feeling lethargic, drained, unmotivated and agitated. If you've recently experienced sadness or fear..or moved into a new space or office environment, Energy cleansing is extremely important! space clearing can turn every inch of a home and or office into a sanctuary of a sacred and protected space

How do I go about Booking a House Clearing & Blessing?

Please fill out the contact form below or call during business hours

Phone: 604-688-6108
Mon - Fri, 11:30am - 7:00pm
Sat - Sun, Appointment Only
Sometimes "Negative Energy" is not always a Haunting

There is such thing as a "Negative Imprint" that may happen in a home as a result of previous owners, tenants, or people associated with the land itself. If any form of severe trauma or emotion has occurred within the space - then there may be a residual "Negative Imprint" that as steeped into the physical space.